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  • Pascal Bedard

    Pascal Bedard

    Sharing thoughts on economics, finance, business, trading, and life lessons. Founder of www.PascalBedard.com

  • John Welford

    John Welford

    I am a retired librarian, living in a village in Leicestershire. I write fiction and poetry, plus articles on literature, history, and much more besides.

  • Dave Wettlaufer

    Dave Wettlaufer

    I’m a blogger, a storyteller with many interesting things to write about, some could be considered deep in thought so my promise to you ”I will not bore you”

  • Alastair Williams

    Alastair Williams

    Exploring the relationship between humanity and science | Physicist | Satellite Operations Manager | http://oneblueplanet.substack.com

  • Jean Campbell

    Jean Campbell

    Writer by day, reader by night, napper by afternoon.

  • Quartz


    Quartz is a guide to the new global economy. Sign up for the Quartz Daily Brief: http://qz.com/daily-brief/

  • Tim Andersen, Ph.D.

    Tim Andersen, Ph.D.

    General relativity and QFT. Principal Research Scientist at Georgia Tech. The Infinite Universe (2020). andersenuniverse.com; https://www.patreon.com/andert

  • LINK by Superpedestrian

    LINK by Superpedestrian

    Built better for cities. Operating in 50 cities and 7 countries.

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