FIRST 100: Voters MUST Keep Up the Pressure for REAL Hope and Change

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lower Taxes. Check. Fewer Regulations. Check. Build a Wall. Check. The devil will be in those ‘other’ details. This is part of a continuing series on what President Trump and the Republican Congress should deliver.

All of our lives, the ‘suits’ who run this country have repeated different versions of the same, tired mantra: Just trust us and we’ll take care of you.

Most of the time, we’ve wagged our tails and have accepted a nice pat on the head from the politicians, lawyers, executives, academics and so-called impartial journalists.

We always seem to buy into the argument that their experiences uniquely qualify them — and them alone — as America’s exclusive ruling class. That somehow they’re the only ones who can come up with ideas on how to run things in our country.

But like Gary Cooper’s character in the Frank Capra movie classic, Meet John Doe, there comes a stark realization when we realize that after decades of national inertia that the elites don’t have all the answers.

Far from it. They often fail to offer any reasonable solutions; just more arguing, blind ambition, greed and corruption.

The truth is many of our so-called leaders are so far removed from the grit and grind of everyday life, they can’t possibly understand working families or even the American Dream itself.

Washington D.C. just keeps squeezing out the BS and always expects us to clean up their mess. Like a crazy person, we keep letting them screw us over and over again yet somehow expect a different outcome. They just can’t seem to solve problems anymore — even when the solutions are so obvious.

So, while President-elect Trump is also among the elite, there’s actual hope from what he says that he’ll be something different, finally.

Maybe Trump will be our new Declaration of Independence and actually free us from the fiscal tyranny of the Progressive Movement’s sacred cows. In its place, Trump and the Republican majority in Congress will start to build a powerful foundation of new priorities so all of us can realize our full economic potential.

And don’t be fooled by constant stream of nonsense about how wonderful the economy has been these past eight years.

The amount of blather on this subject has been almost comical from the Fomenter in Chief, who has cared more about stirring up riots than fixing the economy, or his sidekick, Baghdad Bob, otherwise known as the White House’s chief spokesman.

The disintegration over the past eight years has been very real and severe enough that even Don Peebles, a prominent real estate developer and fundraiser for President Barack Obama, was prompted to declare on Fox News last year that the Democratic Party is “not the party of opportunity anymore.”

If Trump and the Congress fail to act, the list of fires may soon grow too large for even the United States to extinguish. We MUST find long-term, consistent solutions for many of the issues important to the average working man and woman: healthcare, energy, taxes, education, the environment, immigration and many, many others.

Fundamental economic harm has been caused to the America we all love by regulatory overreach and overreaction to inevitable boom and bust economic cycles. Until Trump was elected, many people were just giving up and accepting that the economic roller coaster of the past eight years has become the new normal.

But if Trump and the Congress fail to deliver this time, growth will become an anachronistic term from a bygone era. The enormous potential and hope of our people will break down for good, destroying the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen.

Among those most hurt by two Obama terms have been tens of millions of families struggling to remain in the middle class. Ask them about their struggles to keep things together in the great ‘Fly Over’ states — from Pennsylvania and Ohio to Wisconsin and Iowa — scorned by self-appointed intellectuals and progressives in our nation’s capital and on either coast.

This failure to understand this phenomenon was a major reason for November’s outcome AND the loss of something like 1,000 Democratic federal and state office holders over the past few years.

Voter awareness of this mess grew exponentially in proportion to the number of American jobs shipped overseas or too many government-erected obstacles that hindered job creation.

That includes heavily politicized environmental policies that inhibit low energy prices that otherwise would encourage more manufacturers to return to U.S. shores. We must capitalize on our gas and oil advantages or we’ll leave only the empty, exhausted husk of a country for later generations.

The slow-motion disaster that we’ve watched over the past few decades has filtered down into every facet of our society. In education, for instance, our children keep sliding further and further behind the rest of the developed world while our educators dither over diversity, political correctness and tenure instead of focusing on delivering consistent results.

Meanwhile, our government has parachuted into areas better dealt with in the private sector, with chaos resulting over healthcare or care for other groups, from the poor to veterans to retirees.

Washington’s enormous appetite for biting off bigger chunks of our liberties and freedoms has been egregious and unpardonable.

The dangerous encroachment of our constitutional rights has continued to spiral out of control, from the IRS to the NSA to the FBI to a gang of five lawyers in DC who have played favorites with their personal belief systems at the expense of the rights of voters in states across the country.

To borrow imagery from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, our national clock is approaching doomsday and the ‘suits’ are doing little more than pointing fingers at each other.

It’s is beyond fantastic that we now have a practical but determined Republican president and GOP majorities in the House and Senate.

But business as usual will not be a ticket to success without dramatic, long-term solutions.

Clearly, the time for half measures is over.

It’s time for a radical makeover of practically everything Washington does to this country, from how we prepare our citizens to compete in a global economy to the size of the government itself.

These changes would be part of an overall strategy to help all Americans have a better chance to achieve their economic potential and help the United States become far more competitive.

We need to usher in an era of balanced federal budgets, a dynamic, market-based economy and more freedom for all Americans as we shrink the size of government and ensure that Washington becomes far less intrusive in our daily lives.

For instance, federal budgets as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product would be pulled back from about 25 percent (and trending toward 30 percent) during the Obama presidency and return to a level more consistent with the past several decades at about 20 percent of GDP.

But nothing would be gained if our nation merely returned to the status quo. By completely altering federal priorities — and stimulating consistent economic growth — Washington’s spending could draw closer to 15 percent of GDP within four to eight years during these policy transitions.

A line-item veto for Trump also could be critical. Just ask any governor.

The bottom line here is this: Will our leaders finally begin accepting common-sense solutions that millions of everyday Americans would support because these policies would mean real hope and change?

Or, will the suits do what they usually do and play it safe? Will they sell out everyone’s future just to preserve their jobs?

Will voters yet again enable this wretchedly poor political behavior and just let them tweak the status quo around the edges? Will we allow them to kick the can down the road on more serious problems, with long-term planning on any issues be damned?

Voters absolutely MUST keep up the pressure on EVERYONE, from the White House on down to the Congress and state and local levels.

We simply can’t hope anymore for the best from our leaders.

That trust is gone.

This time, we know deep in our hearts that disaster awaits us and future generations if we just sit on our hands.

The voting is done. The clock is ticking. Now the real work begins.

Do we have the tenacity and will to succeed?

Are we tough enough to save America?

Mike Kersmarki is an author living in Tampa, Fla. He currently is working on a domestic policy book: “Worker’s Party: How to Help ALL Americans Achieve Their Full Economic Potential.”